Bread & Circuses (2009)

All Change Please
Time on My Hands
Copshow Kapow
Welcome to the Circus
Big Girl Funk Machine
The Mists of Time
King Tut
Big Sur
La Fiesta

(Neil Maya)
(Neil Maya)
(Tom Unwin)
(Neil Maya)
(Neil Maya)
(Neil Maya)
(John Carisi)
(Tom Unwin)
(Tom Unwin)
(C Corea)

Bread & Circuses, the Neil Maya Quartet’s second album, includes a mix of originals by Tom and Neil as well as three standards, all with a unique NMQ take on them. The album title is a quote from a first century poet and satirist, Juvenal (panem et circenses in Latin), basically saying that all the people are interested in is food and entertainment, as opposed to more in depth issues such as politics….well so be it, but perhaps NMQ could provide the entertainment!

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Out of the Woodshed (2006)

Round the Bend
Fables of Faubus
Ode to a Great Shed
A Bitter Ballad

(Neil Maya)
(Tom Unwin)
(Tom Unwin)
(Neil Maya)
(John Lewis)
(Charles Mingus)
(Neil Maya)
(Neil Maya)
(Tom Unwin)
(Tom Unwin)

Out of the Woodshed Review by Craig Milverton:
“Imaginative, original playing with much lyricism bringing to mind two of the great pioneering jazz musicians of the 1960s; Bill Evans and Wayne Shorter, with much interplay between the talented musicians and creative and thoughtful compositions proving that there is an abundance of top musicians living in Devon today. Go and check them out at a gig near you soon. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!”

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The Brubeck Project Live (2017)

Take 5
Three to Get Ready
The Duke
It’s A Raggy Waltz
Everybody’s Jumpin’
In Your Own Sweet Way
Blue Rondo A la Turk
Unsquare Dance

The Brubeck Project Live
Neil Maya, alto sax. Matt Carter, piano. Kevin Sanders on the double bass and Nick Carter on drums.
Recorded live on location at Meavy Village Hall 8th Mar 2017 in front of live audience. We feel this is a really lovely performance and great recording of the project. The CD just has the audio of the gig but the DVD also has live video footage of the performance. Perhaps CD for the car, DVD for the computer?

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